10+ Hilarious Posts Can Help You Identify Your Cat’s Personality

Every cat owner probably knows when their cat tends to scratcher the furniture, bites while petting them or behaves evilly when it comes to everything you own. However, any cat lover knows they are not meant to be evil or crazy. They are simple creatures with personalities. Actually, these crazy behaviors reveal a lot of your cat’s personality; what they may be thinking of and why they are who they are!
Just like us, cats get some of their behaviors through their genes and some are purely expressing their own personality; showing you who they truly are. Cats can be silly, annoying and even evil sometimes!

Now, all what you need to understand your kitty a little bit more is to read this article. It will give you some useful hints to reveal your cat’s personality according to its behavior. So, let’s go see which personality your cat has because the quicker you identify it the better and safer it is for you!

  1. The monster muncher

This is also known as the one who won’t stop eating everything around them. And because life is unfair, they are usually the skinny type. Simple like that!

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  1. The nut job

We all know they are not all that cute and sweet all the time, a crazy and feisty cats do exist, and they are probably lies inside every cat on earth. If your cat behaves usually like this, please be advised that you will live the rest of your life with scratch marks just because you will be randomly attacked!

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  1. The famous Mr. Kitty Scissor Paws!

Except for a few strands here and there, there will be nothing left of your furniture. You better figure out a solution to protect your furniture rather than trying to train your cat not to do so! Or just don’t invite people over because they will think you are weird instead of your Mr. Scissor Paws!

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  1. The Catsanova Guy

You may have a handsome cat who loves to spend most of his time with the ladies rather than to stay at home. This catsanova will return home, eventually. Just try not to worry as there are some humans that tend to do it, too.

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  1. The little sh*t

These cats are born to turn your life to a living hell just like they are just there to get you. Stop resisting, there is nothing you can do about it!

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  1. The hobo

This cat just doesn’t care if they are living in the most perfect house in the neighborhood. They prefer the homeless life style rather than enjoying the safe home, and they prefer to catch mice to feed themselves rather than whatever healthy food you offer them!

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  1. The useless douche

Just give up. That all they are; lazy, lazy and lazy. You better forget about getting them active or even to stand up from where they are lying. They doesn’t think about going anywhere for the next few days!

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  1. Poopurr

“I will just take a dump wherever I want, screw my litter box,” it is the kind of cats who doesn’t care where they are supposed to do it!

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  1. Stinkerbell

People who prefer death to walking past their farting kitties will relate the most. If you got one of those stinkerbells, it’s better to get yourself a gas mask rather than trying to solve it!

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  1. Schrodinger cat

Some cats just can’t resist the idea of fitting into any size box that they can find. So it’s better to keep in mind that your belongings in any box aren’t safe.

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11. Mr sir

This cat expects respect beyond measure. If your buddy loves to be treated like a king or a queen all the time, good luck, that’s all what I got to say to you!

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