10 of the most weird dog behaviors are finally explained!

I did not know for a quite long time what are the nearest-to-true explanations of why the thunder always scares my little dog, why he circles around every time he goes to bed, or why he becomes that aggressive with his toys. The good news is, these behaviors are all normal, even if they seem odd sometimes! So if you too did experience any of these behaviors with your pup, it is good for you to know that there is nothing you should worry about. Yet, you have to be aware of the reasons why they sometimes act this weird!

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Why Do Dogs…

1. Chase Their Tails?

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Many animal behaviorists and researchers consider the tail-chasing behavior compulsive. In the contrary, some other experts relate it to reasonable explanations and refer to it as a disorder or a symptom of some health issues, including the flea allergy dermatitis, anal gland problems, lack of essential vitamins (as B6, and C), and separation anxiety. Another explanation could be that it is a way of the dogs to release their excess energy.


2. Eat Poop?

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While it is very disturbing to see your pup eats his own poop or the poop of another dog, some researchers relate this weird behavior to some interesting reasons.

According to Dr. Karen Becker, “After a mother dog gives birth to her litters, she eats the feces of her puppies for a safety purpose, which is to hide the scent of her vulnerable litter.”

Some other experts refer the poop eating behavior in dogs to another reason, which is that pups sometimes need to compensate the deficiency of some certain nutrients that they know by instinct they exist in poop.

3. Circle Before Lying Down?

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Most pups would circle before they lay down, just like if they want to comfort themselves, or try to find a perfect spot or position for sleeping.

There is no certain exact explanation for this circling behavior. However, many animal behaviorists are convinced that this behavior is a passed down habit from ancestor wild dogs who had used to circle around on the grass to create a comfy spot for themselves to sleep in.

In addition, if you see your dog digs a hole in the yard and sleeping in it in the summer, the reason might be they want to create a cooler spot for them to have a good and comfy sleep.

4. Have Wet Noses?

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According to dog expert Cesar Millan, “There are a couple of reasonable explanations for why a dog’s nose can often be wet and cold. Dogs have mucus-secreting glands at their noses to improve their smell sense, particularly when they are after a trail. Another reason also might be that it is another part of their body-cooling system which helps cooling down their temperature in extremely hot weather.”

When your pup is outside, you will find his nose moisten at most of the time as dogs’ noses pick up moisture from things like grass, leaves, or dirt. Besides, they are used to clean their noses by licking them.

5. Thrash Their Toys?

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All dog owners know that dogs love to pick their toys and shaking them hard right and left. According to the animal behaviorist, Dr. Margaret Gruen, “As an evolutionary explanation, this is how wild dogs were used to kill their prey after capturing them, by shaking them aggressively.”

There is nothing to worry about in this behavior. If you noticed your pup doing this to their toys, the probable reason is that they just display one of their instinctual habits.


6. Hate Taking Baths?

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While some pups are true fans of the bathtub fun time, many dogs find it traumatic. There are two reasonable explanations for why your pup does not like to take a bath.

The first explanation is that they might relate it to a bad first experience, which causes your dog to feel negative and stressed towards the water. They could be once put in the water so quickly, or they still remember the time they were dunked in cold water another time. Unfortunately, they can remember that negative feeling every time you try giving them a bath.

The second explanation can be a quite simpler than the first one, as dogs are not used to the sensation of being in the water, which is something enough for them to refuse it.

7. Fear Thunder And Loud Noises?

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While most pups get frightened of thunder sound, there is no concrete explanation this behavior yet.

Generally, dogs fear loud noises, which cause them to drool, and shiver. They may even hurt themselves slamming into a window or a door when their fear pushes them trying to escape the home sometimes.

There is one well-known explanation for this, which is that dogs hear low-frequency rumbles of things such as thunder, pressure changes, static electricity, and wind. They may associate those sounds with other unknown frightening sensations.


8. Behave Aggressively Toward Other Dogs?

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Some dog owners may experience this situation during they walk their dogs when a dog turns aggressive and starts growling against another dog. According to PetMD, non-neutered male dogs are more prone to show this inter-dog aggression behavior.

There are three possible explanations for this aggressive behavior. Some pups may have a negative interacting or bonding experience with other dogs during the age from 3 weeks to 3 months, which is their socialization period. Some other pups may be suffering from a medical issue, or they simply try to protect their territory.


9. Stare At You?

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It is a typical thing that your pup would stare at you when they expect a sort of action from you, such as a reward, or some affection.

While the eye contact with your dog is something important, particularly during their training period, some dogs deal with the direct eye contact as a kind of threatening. When you train your pup, they will wait for visual cues from you, that is why it is important to teach them eye contact on cue, to avoid they become aggressive when someone other than you look to them directly in the eye.

10. Eat Grass?

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Many dog owners consider it normal to find their pup chomps down some grass occasionally. According to Dr. Michael Goldberg, “Eating grass is the dogs’ way to deal with their tummy troubles. When they feel stomach-sick, they may look for some grass to eat as it can cause them to vomit. They may also treat their nausea with their own paws by using the same method.”

Nowadays, dogs are very different from their ancestors who could eat their prey whole. As dogs became domesticated, they began eating some kinds of plants as an alternative source of food. Even wild dogs can eat fruits and vegetables.


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