10 Puppies vs. 1 Cat, Watch the first meeting, it’s worth the watch


Nothing is as cute as puppies, especially when they are golden retriever puppies. This video shows the very first meeting between those puppies and that cute cat. Puppies or the mother dog try to go near the house cat, it meows. The puppies start by keeping a respectable distance from her. They kept on getting away more and more, the owner here brought a bowl of food and took it to the cat, when the owner picks the cat up and holds it on her lap, the puppies come a little closer but they still keep a respectable distance. This is a cute video of a bunch of puppies meeting the house cat.  Watch to see what else happens.

1-27-2015 12-11-57 PM

The video was uploaded on YouTube by the owners of that cute cat, golden retriever dog and the army of puppies. It received about 500,000 views, but as usual, YouTube community have their own point of view, some of viewers said that the cat is scared from that huge number of puppies which makes it meow like this, it is like asking for help, some others said that it’s the puppies who are scared, they saw that it’s kind of torturing them and they must be separated directly. But we think that their owners are beside them ready for any problem; this kind of meetings must happen so they can live in the same home. I think they became best friends now. Don’t forget to share this between your friends and family, enjoy the watch.

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