10+ Stunning Cats Caught Perfectly Spitting Out Their Tongues!

Cats are one of pet lovers’ favorite companions. It doesn’t really matter whether you are living alone or with a family, a kitty can be always welcomed. Whatever the cat breed you prefer to raise, they are all adorable, with a promising lifespan that can reach two decades or even more. Needless to say, all cat owners think that cats should really be considered man’s best friend. 
Kitties are much like us. They have distinctive personalities. With their cute facial expressions, they offer a wide range of expressions, and no cat lover can deny that one of their favorite faces is “the blep

According to Urban Dictionary, blep is defined as:

‘The act of a cat sticking its tongue out slightly without realizing it, often for long periods of time.’
So, the blep turned out to be a real thing. It is the equivalent of a human’s blank stare but with an overload of cuteness achieved. If you don’t believe me, these pictures are undeniable proof!

Please meet some charming kitties caught showing perfect blep faces!

1. Raising my paws up for one glorious blep

Ready to show a blep!
NPF001 - 1
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2. “Please paint me like one of your French bleps.”

Purr-fect pose!
NPF001 - 2
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3. Those wide crazy eyes…

Actually, I don’t know what I love the most, the blep or the crazy look! What about you?
NPF001 - 3
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4. What are you talking about?

This is the most innocent blep I’ve ever seen.
NPF001 - 4
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5. what about a nice blep session?

Now take this shot under the sanctity of the furniture, of course.
NPF001 - 5
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6. This bully is totally unintentional

The blep can be a very effective weapon against other kitties.
NPF001 - 6
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7. Taking a nap with an adorable blep.

Yes! This day was well spent!
NPF001 - 7

8. Playing hide and seek?

This is one supreme blep under the covers!
NPF001 - 8
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9. Now, no place left un-blepped!

This kitty thinks that the library is the purr-fect place to blep.
NPF001 - 9
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10. Thinking of a provoking blep!

Looks like this kitty is going to blep until the end of the day.
NPF001 - 10
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11. Until sunset…

The kitty shall blep.
NPF001 - 11

12. All sweet dreams are made of bleps

And no one can disagree with this!
NPF001 - 12

13. This is the Blep Saga

Or it should be named the Chronicles of Blep?
NPF001 - 13

14. An Exotic Blep

This must be something else altogether; the blep of a Serval kitty!
NPF001 - 14
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15. The cutest gentleman on earth – Sir Blep!

Good blep to you sir!
NPF001 - 15
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16. A space-traveling Blep!

space is sending you this blep.
NPF001 - 16
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17. Blep before sleep

This bed is the coziest place to do it.
NPF001 - 17

18. How do you love to take your blep?

Well, with wide blue eyes, please.
NPF001 - 18

19. The new mom blep!

Regardless the species you belong to, all moms know this feeling.
NPF001 - 19

20. “I can do it, I got the thing.”

The first blep is the sweetest, isn’t it?
NPF001 - 20
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21. A blep in the wind

The sweetest kitties love to blep while lying on the green grass, right?
NPF001 - 21
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22. A bathtub blep?

It is the purr-fect time to blep, what did you think?
NPF001 - 22

23. I feel tired, but not too tired to blep!

Time to find a comfy chair to blep the night away on.
NPF001 - 23
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24. I’m bashful

Actually, not too bashful to blep.
NPF001 - 24
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25. Fact: all cats blep

Even those wild majestic jungle ones.
NPF001 - 25
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26. The brief guide to crochet a blep:

Crochet, add any kitty, receive one charming blep!
NPF001 - 26
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27. Please have a seat, we have to talk blep things right now.

Time for some serious business.
NPF001 - 27
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28. Did you blep at me?!

What about the blep?! Blep!?
NPF001 - 28

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