10 top rescue dogs. Be prepared to be touched.

1.Any dog breed can work as a service dog, but Golden retrievers are simply natural service dogs. That’s because of their natural gentle behavior, and their intelligence. They are always loyal to their owners, always showing deep love to them.


2.Service dogs aren’t always required to wear a vest, but the vest seems to help them know that they are on a mission. Due to training since they were puppies, that when they wear the vest, the mission is on.


3.Service dogs also love playing fetch, they love swimming, just like ordinary dogs. However, they can’t do that while working.


4.Police dogs are trained to know how to detect bomb, mines, arson, and termites’ scents. They are basically trained to sit next to the area where a scent is detected in a quiet and polite manner.


5.Patrol dogs are trained to find all kinds of missing objects, and people too!


6.Since the nation’s birth, dogs have served alongside with the Americans.


7.Military, police, and other service dogs can be adopted after they retire.


8.Today, there are approximately 2,500 war dogs in service.


9.Duke, the famous Vietnam war, was the one to alert his partner of what could have been a deadly ambush, he saved hundreds of lives!


10.It’s been said that war dogs have saved around 10,000 American lives since they started serving.


If you want loyalty, get a dog. It’s a simple quote that shows us the honest morals that a dog has. Every day, dogs present to us many examples of loyalty and faithfulness; relationships are stronger and deeper with dogs than between humans around you. They keep on defending, loving, and caring about their owners. They live by the bond of love and loyalty, the bond that is between the human and the dog

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