11 picture that will make you know if you’re a true dog’s lover!

Can we figure out if you’re a true dog’s lover or not? Well, you know who dog lovers are. They are the kind of people who whenever you see them, they are with their dogs. Either playing or just taking a walk, sometimes even cuddling. They are the ones that will always care for you, and be protective. Ever heard about the person who blew his date because his dog kept giving him ‘signs’ not to go, and that’s how you know if you’re one, or if someone is a true dog’s lover. Now here we have the many pictures that only dog owners or dog lovers know and will relate to, and appreciate them. Some of you probably even had been in the same situations, see the 11 pictures below and tell us what you think:

1.When your dog surprises you by his smartness.


2.When your dog is trying to make deals with you, by giving you that look.


3.Knowing that you should always make your dog win.


4.You don’t care about how your dog gets bigger in size, you will love him nevertheless.


5.Leaving your dog is always harder than leaving anything else.


6.When your dog tries to make you jealous.


7.Your dog’s loyalty, it’s always shown in their eyes and their pictures.


8.When your dog always cuddles with you and loves sleeping on your shoulder.


9.Your dog has that unique habit, and he always makes you fall in love deeper with him.


10.Your dog is always your working mate, he will help you and give you his opinions, but he might be hard to please.


11.And no matter what age they are, they will always like being rubbed.


So, are you a dog lover or you just aren’t? See the pictures and don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.