11 things that your German shepherd dog really hates about you, and they are absolutely funny.

5-19-2015 2-38-45 PM

Simply, if you are a German shepherd dog’s owner, you should know that there are some things that your dog really hates about you, and they are all important to know, you think sometimes that they are simple things but believe me, your dog really hates it.

1-When you take his favorite toy away from him.

2-When you take your German shepherd dog to the dog groomer to have a haircut.

3-When you let your German shepherd dog wear dog’s clothes, they passionately hate it.

4-When you leave your German shepherd dog waiting at the door.

5-When you rush him while he is doing or checking every single thing in a spot.

6-When you leave him alone for a long time; dogs hate it when you are gone.

7-When your dog is not able to get dirty and all that they think about is having a mud bath won’t hurt as much.

8-When you laugh on your dog’s act especially that head tilt!

9-When you clean up your German shepherd dog’s nose, you ruined their creativity.

10-When you take away your dog’s bone; it’s the same when you take his favorite toy.

11-When you find your dog’s hidden stuff, for them it’s like a lifetime “treasure.”


German shepherd dogs are so playful, energetic and funny, German shepherd are very loving and caring, they are very gentle, they are very strong dogs, and they are just great in guarding. Also German shepherd dogs are very protective, intelligent, and they are very loving and loyal. Simply, they are happiness itself. They need plenty of your time to give them, they can’t stand to sit alone for a long while; when German shepherds are alone they get depressed and nervous. At first, they will be suspicious to strangers, so you have to get them socialized, take your German shepherd dog to parks and clubs where people are available there, to raise its social well behaved activity.