12 Times Cats Shared With Us Their Hilarious Logic

9-29-2015 1-17-15 PM

Cats are incredible, aren’t they? Who can’t fall deeply in love with these chubby furry four legged pets? There are a lot of cat facts known to us. No matter how many cat toys they own, your cat will keep on hiding in that card box.  They ignore their filtered gourmet pot of water and decide to drink directly from the sink. Your cat might have lots of toys, but the toe spacer and TV cables are still their favorite, they are a must-bite! So that’s what we mean by Cat logic. Here is a funny photo collection showing awesome cat logic.

1-This cat was desperate for the cat tree, and when it got it, it ended up in the damn box.


2-No matter how snug and comfortable their beds are, they will always sleep in unexpected cosy places.