14 Signs Tell That You Have Unhealthy Attachment To Your Dog!

1. You sacrifice some pretty social plans for your dog’s sake
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You have an adorable fluffy friend to be with, and nobody can stop you! No priority for gallery openings, clubs, and sometimes even for a party that held ten minutes away from your place.

“Hey, there is a place giving away free drinks today until 8 pm and, so we are all going to hit happy hour, what about you?”

“I love to but I would rather stay with Bella to have her slobber all over my arms after I have showered; besides she would like to spill all over my black pants”

2. You keep showing their pictures to people as if they are your child
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Is your friend showing a video of his two years old kid experiencing walking on the bowling alley for the first time? Step aside buddy, everyone must see the latest pictures of your puppy wearing various sombreros. You show them to everyone, and you also post them online to make sure that everyone can see it, literally!

3. When you have to leave them, you worry like crazy
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It is just nice to have the dog sitter letting you FaceTime with your pup. Although your dog would just end up barking at the screen and you are not totally sure they can see what is on the aluminosilicate glass, it still helps your heart even if you ended up letting few tears down every time!

4. You are sure of that they have opinions
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While the employee at the pet shop can sometimes have the audacity to suggest that a bee is the same as a fish hit way too close to home, your pup can tell the difference!

5. If only one can go to the spa, they will be that one
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Ivy needs to get her ears cleaned and her feather-trimmed, so what to do? Well, it is ridiculous that an ear cleaning, haircut, nail file, and bath for a dog now costs more than a highlight, but that fluffy lovable four-legged friend is going to get all that she needs for her beauty. Oh, darling!

6. You literally kick people out of bed for them
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“Well, you can see that there is no room for you here, and she is used to sleeping at my feet. It is like we are not the system that can include a third party”… “I can call you an Uber I Guess”

7. You get seriously jealous if they pay attention to someone more than you
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How does she dare to belly up for someone they only met five minutes ago? Cannot she notice that I’m the one who fed her every day of all her life?! Don’t she know the panic I had to go through when she was getting her first round of shots?! This is the exact feeling of betrayal!

8. You may think that having a vet friend is a perfect idea.
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You would call your vet for anything that looks off, you send pictures of any signs, panic about that tiny piece of chocolate. When you think that there is something off in their puke, you do not even have a problem taking a sample of it for analysis. Thank god for having that vet friend because otherwise, you would be totally broke!

9. “My dog” not “our dog”, just to be clear
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There is nothing more to say about this but “This is MY dog” and “If this relationship could go to shit, there will be no dog visits rights”. Mine, not ours. Clear?!

10. You talk to your dog more than you do with anybody else
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Do not tell me that my dog does not talk back because he cannot understand what I’m telling him about; I’m not discussing the in’s and out’s of the Presidential campaign anyway. Honestly, I and my puppy usually have that brainstorming about some issues related to my career, Just saying.

11. You never admit their faults
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Excuses are always ready for any complaints! She does not really bark that loud, she is just expressing herself. It is not that bad when he crazily keeps hoarding socks. Moreover, he clearly feels good when he rolls in the grass straight after getting a bath. Just lighten things up, guys!

12. You like to take them wherever you can do so.
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Unluckily, not all dogs are just as portable as tiny pups. It would be very much easier if they could simply fit inside of a purse. I do not like dog stroller and won’t buy one, but it is just like I get it!

13. It is not your dog’s problem, it is the other dog’s.
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In the dog world, there are so many bully dogs, but your dog could never be one of them, he just barks because when other dogs barks first. DUH.

14. You are so sure that they are your best friend
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Friends come for you and go, but your dog’s love for you is the most unconditional. They have been there for you through thick and thin, they love to see you all the time, just your presence around makes them happy. They are so cute putting their head on your knee in a loving try to comfort you when you are sad. They are the best and definitely deserve the $10 chicken jerky!

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