15 Dogs Smiling, They Will Make You Happier

10-7-2015 6-02-27 PM

Dogs are probably the happiest animals in this world. They are the happiest even from the smallest, tiniest things. They are the happiest because they played fetch with their owners, or because they went on a walk, or even better, because you woke up! How simple is that?! Dogs are happy even if they are diagnosed with cancer, even if they are sleepy. They teach us to not take life too seriously, and to be happy no matter what the circumstances are. And catching a dog smiling is the most adorable thing ever, personally, it actually makes me happy! So here we have a great collection of smiling dogs, and you won’t stop looking at these photos.

1.This must be an emoticon!


2.”Here hooman, I will teach you how to smile. It’s so simple…LOOK!”