15 small dogs that look as giant as ever!


It’s all about camera tricks! We’ve seen people who are holding someone in their hand, or something like the Eiffel tower in Paris, it’s all tricks, really. Somehow, those dogs have mastered those tricks, or maybe they were just too close, maybe they didn’t even know what was happening around them. These dogs have managed to somehow seem too big, and they weren’t even trying! The photos are hilarious, but seriously though, it was just showing that they can be as huge as their hearts! And if a dog ever feels down because of his small size, don’t worry, you’re a giant now!

1.The giant village dog, he is just, you know, wandering around.


2.Guess who is bigger than a mountain? This dog! He is enormous, and it looks like he is sitting on a cliff.


3.The giant dog that is only a few inches shorter than the fence.


4.The giant dog that just wants to sniff the baby, his nose looks huge!


5.The giant yet adorable dog that is running in the snow.


6.He is bigger than the size of his human! It’s like having a huge bodyguard, 24/7.


7.”Wait for me, wait for me, I’m coming!” He looks so huge!


8.The monster kind of dog, his size is scary enough!


9.He likes couches, he likes sitting on the couch like humans do, and he is adorable after all.


10.”Why is this too small, or am I just too big?”


11.He is a horse-sized dog, and he is having so much fun.


12.The look in his eyes is so creepy, and sneaky!


13.The gentle, caring, protective giant is paying attention, I’m in love with this one.


14.”Don’t take their picture, focus on me.”


15.Why not climb on my house and wreck it? It will be fun.


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