16 things to know before you date a girl who owns a dog


  1. Her blankets cover her couches!

She might think that leaving the plastic cover on her couches is beneath her, so she will always throw her blanket on the couch to keep the dirty paws away from them.  They can be used to snuggle and watch a film, happy days all around!

  1. She’s not easily freaked out

When you pick up poop frequently, you can be somehow calm when something unpleasant happens. However, this doesn’t mean that you can start with your bathroom humor; she isn’t totally immune to that.

  1. You’ll stay at hers more because of Fido!

She will never stay at yours because she can not bear the thought of leaving him all alone, so pack your bags and be ready for more sleepovers that you ever wished for.

  1. You’ll be in “no after work drinks” mode, ok?

She can’t see you unless she gets someone to walk her furry friend first or do it herself.  So going for an unplanned drink after work will have to wait for a little while.

  1. Likewise, you can’t just whisk her away for a romantic weekend

The dog is not going to feed itself.  So leaving unexpectedly without prior arrangements for the dog will be difficult.  Well done though if you were able to organize that too.

  1. Fido will have to share your bed too!

You have no say in the matter.  If he wants to sleep in the middle, he will sleep in the middle.

  1. A decent amount of her paycheck is put towards the dog.

Walks, vet visits and treats don’t pay for themselves.  She will spend what ever it takes, when it comes to family.  Her dog is family.

  1. She knows every dog in the neighborhood

Although her puppy is the best, she will still look and observe every dog who walks past her.

  1. Sometimes, she resorts to baby talk

Even though she hates it when others do it, its ok for her to talk like that with her pup, What? He is only a puppy she is allowed.

  1. She’ll bring traces of her pup everywhere she goes

Whether it’s a drool spot on her jeans, white layer of fur on her black jacket, or a poop bag, there’s always some traces to prove she has a dog.

  1. she always has a lurker under her kitchen table

You should never leave food on the table to go get a drink from the kitchen; it will be gone before you come back.

  1. expect to receive some texts with pics or videos of her dog

When she is home, you should see the cute things they do together! So expect all the selfies to flood your phone.

  1. Never say ‘he’s just an animal’ when talking about him with her

This is one way to get into her bad books.

  1. When it’s nice out, you will walk to places where there are some outdoor seats

What did you expect? Leave her baby home on a gorgeous day? If you need ice cream on a hot day, he needs exercise,too.

  1. She’ll truly miss him when apart

She will always talk about him when apart.

  1. She is the most loyal and responsible person you’ll meet

You can fully rely on her, and she takes this seriously.



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