17 things that you do for your dog, and it freaks everyone out.


There is no limit to the things you do for your dog, and only for your dog. You’ve backed out of a lot of rules because of your dog, and you’ve cancelled plans with friends because your dog is a little sick. No matter what you do for your dog, you never regret it, and your dog is always grateful for whatever you do to make him happy. Sometimes, you do things that will make people feel creeped out by you, feel awkward, but it doesn’t really matter because you don’t really care, you would do anything for your life companion.

1.Giving your dog a shower in the sink.


2.When your dog takes over your bed.


3.Kissing your puppy and him licking you, then trying to kiss your significant other.


4.That time you slept with your dog in his crate, and yes, it fits.


5.When you keep telling stories to everyone about your dog, or when all that you talk about is your dog.


6.When you explain your dog’s name meaning.


7.Asking the waiter to bring you the leftovers, not because you want to eat it, but because it’s for your dog.


8.Allowing your dog to lick your ice cream. (Vanilla only, of course!)


9.When your Instagram account is full of your dog’s pictures, not yours.


10.When your dog asks your friends to be their friend on Facebook.


11.When you let your dog lick your face.


12.When your dog is the one that sits in the front seat next to you, and your friends in the back.

13.Spending more time greeting your dog than your family.


14.When your bag is full of dog treats.


15.Comparing TV dogs to your dog, knowing that yours is much more cuter.


16.Talking to your dog as if it’s a human being.


17.Talking about your adventures in the dogs’ park.