2 Elephants Stand Against 14 Wild Animal Who Threat Their Little Calf

It is well known that elephants have strong relationships with their loved ones just like humans. These giant creatures bond strong with their family members and they even grieve for them the same way we do. Incredibly, elephants will do whatever they have to do for protecting each other, especially their young ones.

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I think that it is just amazing how these giant animals could act for the sake of each other. I have seen before how they could incredibly think and behave to protect their calves, and I have to admit that they are really good doing this. You also would know what “whatever they have to do” exactly means for an elephant if you saw how that elephant herd protected their calfs from crocodiles by swimming across water bodies in a cluster, or how that baby elephant’s family stopped traffic to ensure that he made it safely across the street!

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This video is also a clue to the elephant’s protective nature; it shows another incredible moment when two giant elephants making sure that a wild large group of dogs group would not be able to cause any harm to the elephant calf!

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Though there were persistent 14 wild dogs, the two giant elephants had shown that they are also would never back down from them, and they did a great job protecting their little one, they made sure to keep the wild animals away from the helpless baby, even when the wild animals were already running away at 1;40. The two big pachyderms had forced the wild dogs to give up at the end!

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