2 Giant Bears Stand Up And Walk Like Humans To Get Some Treats!

I had the chance of seeing plenty of animals acting weird, for instance, my friend’s one-eyed cat who sometimes tries to make a fool out of himself. However, I have recently also noticed that some wild creatures have the ability to do so, too.

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Unexpectedly, some big burly bears took the spotlight due to their odd behavior. In the beginning of this, some adorable cuties decided to play just in the middle of a busy road. A little bit later, some older fellows showed up and stomped in a simple pink balloon!

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While the two bears in the video below are fully grown adults, they seem no less goofy as they stopped by to greet a group of passing by tourists. If you show this video to someone who does not know they are real bears, he or she might think that they are two guys wearing a couple of bear costumes!

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Bears can stand on their back legs of course, but it is truly impressive how the two bears trot right along the tour bus! However, if you look closely, you will see someone, the tour guide probably, offering the huge couple some yummy treats, no wonder they look so interested in following the witnessing tourists around.

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Certainly, the guy who gives the treats to these bears is well trained to keep their claws at bay. Therefore, no one should ever try to feed wild animals, especially huge ones like these bears!

Understandably, all the tourists in the bus are stunned as most of them instantly pull their phones to capture this amazing moment.

Scroll down and check out the footage below yourself, and do not forget to tell us in comments if you have ever seen a wild animal acts like this!

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