2 Weird Cat Behaviors Are Finally Explained!

Why cats bite when we pet them?

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These are some unpredictable reasons!
In fact, cats’ biting is a conundrum. One minute your beloved cat feels pleasure as you scratch its favorite bit, and just one minute later, you only stare at the tiny tooth marks on your hand.

Well, if this will give you some relief, it is good to know that it is not your problem alone. It is a common behavior that pets’ owners call it “love biting”, but animal behaviorists give it another more formal name, which is ‘petting-induced aggression.’

Generally, friendly cats who love to receive some affection will seek out their owners’ attention in a way or another. However, it seems that cats do not like the kind of generous or lavish attention. Just like a light switch, that is how cats’ owners describe this behavior as they change from friendly to feral, the cats of course not the owners!

Although this nature of cats is uniquely feline action, here are few possibilities are proposed to explain this behavior:

  1. Manifesting what is so-called status-induced aggression is a possible reason as cats might need to control a situation
  2. Cats may have a significant negative neurological stimulus related to lasting petting.
  3. Biting behavior may be just a distinctive way to let humans recognize they are unhappy. If this explanation is right, the change in the cat’s attitude looks more sudden than it is for real.

Whatever the right explanation is, this behavior does not mean that you cannot normally interact with your cat. Your vet can probably guide you recognizing the warning signs of your cat’s displeasure before the biting attack.

Why cats unusually prefer to sleep in tiny places than in wide?

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Almost all creatures favor sleeping in wide spaces. On the contrary, cats like to sleep in sinks, small boxes, or cubbyholes. This sleeping habit of cats was not understandable for so long. Why cats usually prefer to sleep in small places rather than open spaces with all possibilities? Although it is not clearly fathomable, here are some few possible reasons:

  1. Cats may find small places safer than wide or open places. Whenever they need to sleep deeply, they seek out places of a small structure. It seems that tiny places are more secure for cats to sleep in than couches.
  2. Wild cats are used to steal for living, therefore, sleeping in small places looks logic for survival. Stray cats – and all cats by nature may seek tiny places to sleep in as a way of hiding and protecting themselves from punishment.
  3. When giving birth, it does not really matter if it is a pet cat or a stray cat. It is well known that a comfortable hidden hole is always cats’ choice. It is sure that momma cats do not prefer open spaces as if all cats are keen to hide the newborn kittens to protect them from predators.
  4. Cats like to feel warm and small places are always cozier than open spaces.

Though cats are independent creatures, they seek their self-comfort in their own way. We may think this behavior unusual, but for them it makes sense. Every creature wants to feel secure and well sheltered. Do not be surprised wherever the place that you may find a cat sleeping in, it just fits them.

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