3 Easy Ways To Groom A Long-Haired Cat


How to Groom A Long-Haired Cat?

If you have a long haired cat, then you know that the hardest thing is to groom your cat’s long hair and make it always clean and neat, grooming them is also an important thing to avoid having cat hair on your clothes or on your furniture or textile. So in this link we will explain to you how to groom your cat correctly and easily, it will make you and your cat feel happy and comfortable.

1-You know your cat’s personality, so you know how to handle her while grooming, it’s bestwhen she is relaxed. It’s better to start grooming your cat when you feel she is relaxed because choosing the right time will make it a lot easier.


2-Start first with brushing your cat’s hair, most cats feel relaxed while doing this process.

3-If you found matted hair, you can use a sewing tool called a seam ripper, it’s the perfect solution for the matted hair on your cat’s fur, but use it very carefully so you won’t hurt your cat.


Tip: In case you can’t use the little seam ripper, you can use a little razor but make sure that you won’t get close to her skin, and also be careful because the buzz of the razor may scare your cat so may she might move suddenly.

Your cat now will be cleaned and fully groomed, maybe your cat will be angry because of what you did to her, and she might change her behavior a little, lots of cats don’t like the grooming time, but you still can solve the situation, give your cat a delicious treat after grooming.


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Source: www.wikihow.com