Strong Abby takes her first steps after 3 months of disability

2-17-2015 5-34-14 PM

Abby is a strong dog. This Australian shepherd dog was born with a spinal cord injury. Abby is just 3 month old, and you may think she is too young to face something like this, since that age is the most playful age in a puppy’s life, the age that it can learn lots of things. But she can’t walk on her own. An organization called Eddie’s Wheel which is specialized in manufacturing products that help animals in need, just like Abby. This foundation has been started by Ed and Leslie Grinnell who worked with disabilities of dogs for more than 20 years.

Abby tried the wheel and it really works with her, you will see her happiness in her sparkly eyes, and she is incredibly grateful. That moment when she moves and takes her first steps will bring out your tears. It’s seriously the most precious 29 seconds. There are lots of pets facing those struggles and obstructions, we wish all of them can find happiness and help; nothing is more precious than helping a weak animal to take control over its disabilities.

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Australian shepherd dog is a very beautiful and charming dog, their furry thick coat makes them very amazing, and they are the best choice for you if you are living in a cold weathered country. They are commonly known as Aussie dogs.

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