3 rescued dogs rescue their toddler-friend from a black bear.

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Having a dog means having a forever protector. Dogs are described in one word: loyalty. Many dogs have saved many lives of humans, and this is just another one. It’s amazing how smart they are, and how protective they are. This incident is so scary but Harper has her loyal friends that will never let anyone hurt her.

Taking place in Long Valley, New Jersey, Harper, a 3-year old toddler, was playing with her three rescued dogs in the backyard of the house, when a black bear wandered into the garden. Frightened, all Harper did was scream, she was so scared, as she said. Harper screamed for her mother, but her mother was far and she did not know what to do, thankfully though, Chief, their dog, was there for the rescue. Chief got the chance to finally repay his family, and he rescued Harper from the bear by scaring him off.

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Chief the dog grabbed the bear’s back leg as if telling him to back away and the mother took the chance to grab Harper. Harper’s mom, Emily, quickly went inside and called the police, but it wasn’t necessary, the three dogs did the job.

Emily now will keep an eye on her daughter whenever she is out in the backyard, and she is forever grateful for her three dogs.

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It’s not the first time for dogs to save their friends, it has happened a lot and it always seems to amaze us, and make us fall in love with dogs even more. See this story of the dog that saved a baby from a burglar in India, he is definitely a hero. Also see this Rottweiler that saved his owners from 4 men that attacked them in their house, at midnight, this Rottweiler is such a heroic dog!

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