5 Cool Pet Gadgets You Can Get This Black Friday With 50% Off!

The Black Friday flash sales are upcoming, so why not seizing the chance to get a new cool gadget for your furry best friend?If you prefer to write down a list of what you are willing to buy for your pet, you came to the right place – and at the perfect time. Read through to find out 5 cool gadgets you can buy with 50% off or more of their regular prices!
1- Pet Travel Backpack

BP2 - 1
Original Price: $186.00
Flash Sale Price: $93.34

Sometimes people worry that no one would take care of their lovely pets while traveling. Some other times they worry that they would miss their pets so much. This travel backpack pet carrier is designed to solve end these worries!
The shoulder straps design will make travel more convenient and comfortable. The main material of the backpack is canvas which is more transparent and breathable than other materials, and it has a semi-sphere window that allows your pet to enjoy the scenery and interact with the outside world.
Now you can add more fun to your traveling experience and enjoy your pet’s company while you are on all your globe-trotting adventures.

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2- Stylish Hoodie With Pet Cuddle Pouch

BP2 - 2
Original Price: $ 58.20

Flash Sale Price: $23.99

This new fashion hoodie is taking the internet by storm for a reason. Your fur friend is going to love this big cuddle pouch, and you’ll love this ultimate way to cuddle your little buddy. Any small pet will love snuggling up in the fur-lined pouch while you’ll look cute yourself with the hoodie’s ears and the paw print design. What a great gift for pet lovers!
The hoodie is suitable for cats and small dogs, offering extra interaction with your little one at anywhere. Besides, it looks super cute!

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3- Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer

BP2 - 3
Original Price: $89.80

Flash Sale Price:$44.90

Now you can say no for expensive pet grooming bills. If you have never used an electric trimmer to cut your pet’s hair before, this one perfectly fits for beginners; even your kids can join to share the exciting experience. R-obtuse angle processing head secures absolute safety and guarantees you won’t cut your pet’s skin, or yours, at any point of contact.

This hair trimmer fits for all pets and comes with sharp titanium blade with ceramic movable blade ensure excellent performance. Besides, it’s designed with impressively mute design and low vibration.

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4- Cat Stylish Window Hammock

BP2 - 4
Original Price: $114.99
Flash Sale Price:$57.40

No wonder cat owners are going crazy over these trending cat window hammock. Like previous versions, this stylish cat window hammock installs in seconds to glass windows. The suction cups are strong to hold up to 30 pounds! The sunny seat provides your kitty a front row view of nature and birds. It’s another valuable piece to pamper your little buddy, especially if he/she loves to bask in the warm sun. One more advantage you will appreciate; the hair collecting feature will keep messy hair off of your furniture.

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BP2 - 5
Original Price: $29.99
Flash Sale Price: $14.99

If you’re looking for a new cool collar for your fur friend that’s perfect for parties, night walks, and safety, you will definitely like this nylon LED pet safety collar. It’s convenient and easy to wear and remove.
Add a cool glowing look to your dog and enjoy an extra level of fun while walking at night. Shinning in the dark not only makes your buddy unique but also an excellent insurance that both you and your pet are safe and seen.

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