5 dog breeds with the highest cancer rate

your dog’s life, and it doesn’t have a certain age, it can strike your dogs in any age. But there are some breeds that have highly instances of cancer. It’s important to read this, so you have to start to care on your dog’s health in a different way, you also have to know how to avoid your dog from being diagnosed with this disease.  Here are the dog breeds that are highest in cancer rate.
They are one of the biggest breeds ever; it’s a German breed, but Rottweiler is one of the breeds with a very high cancer rates and other health problems. That’s why Rottweiler needs mental and physical exercises daily, which helps them to prevent cancer.

2-Bernese Mountain Dog
They are known for their playful character, they are one of the gentle giants who are known for their long furry coat. But they also have a high cancer rate, that’s why they have to daily exercise to keep them healthy.

3-German Shepherd
One of the most loving and intelligent breeds, they are very energetic and smart, that’s why they are used as guarding and police dogs. They also have higher rates of cancer more than any breed, so you have to keep their minds and body active all the time by training them physically and mentally.

4-Great Dane
Great Dane is one of the largest sized dogs, they are gentle giants. When the dog is big in size, the risk will be higher, and the life span will be shorter. They suffer from many health conditions, and their cancer risk is very high.

5-Labrador Retriever
The most loving and caring breed, they work as therapy dogs, and they have a high risk in being diagnosed with cancer, which means that they should be exercising all time, they are also so playful and energetic.