5 Reasons Why Black Cat Breeds Are Absolutely The Best

Black cat breeds are finally turning their luck around. Pun intended

Black cat breeds have sadly always been subject to folklore and superstitions. This has greatly impacted their adoption rates as families didn’t want to invite misfortune into their homes. But I have good news for you!

In recent years, black cat breeds have been adopted more than ever before. They are given a second chance at finding their forever homes. This is great news as before meaningless oldwives tales would often prevent black cat breeds from getting adopted. Not anymore!

Black cats have so much potential due to their mysterious and alluring natures.

Furthermore, black is beautiful and that reflects in their names too. Many are named after celestial phenomenons and mythologies such as Nebula, Galaxy, Persephone or Orion.

black cat breeds cute kitten
How can you not want to hug this?





black cat breeds Bombay cat
Adorable Bombay cat

The more I learn about this cat breed, the more I am convinced our elder one must be at least 50% Bombay.

Named after the exotic city, this cat breed is the miniature version of a black panther. They have black soles, nose and mouth as well as a shiny black coat. Beautiful copper or green eyes are other trademarks.

Bombays ( Bombai??) are extremely loving cats that want to show you everyday how much they love you. However, they may tend to have that one special person in their life that they just love a little bit more than everyone else (that would be my husband in our case)

Additionally, they are an active black cat breed that loves children and mind- engaging games.


black cat breeds

2.Maine Coon

black cat breeds Maine Coon
A black Maine Coon kitten
black cat breeds Maine Coon
A black and white Maine Coon relaxing

One of the largest cat breeds in the world. They are known for their unique facial structure.

They are known to be pretty intelligent cats that have even made it into th Guniess World Records. If you want o know more about large cat breeds read this article.

Maine coons are social and loving cats that have been nicknamed “the gentle giant” due to the huge amounts of love they have to offer. And maybe due to their large sizes but that is debatable.


black cat breeds

Black cats were a sailor´s best friend. They supposedly brought luck to the vessels and definitely kept the mice population in check.

3. Himalayan

black cat breeds Himalayan
A stunning Himalayan

I think no list is complete without including this beautiful breed. Even though they aren’t strictly a black cat breed, they have some of the darkest fur imaginable.

Being a subgroup of the Persian, they are generally known to come in fluffy white or grey fur coats.

These felines like living in relaxed households, as they are very dependent on their daily dose of cuddles. They are great inddor cats that love companionship, playing fetch and being groomed.

To be completely honest, I might be slightly biased towards black cats. Both my babies are a long-haired black and a short-haired white and black after all. I adopted them off the streets so…thgey are strays. Those two are some of the greatest blessings I have ever received.


4. Japanese Bobtails

black cat breeds Japanese Bobtail
(Credit: Vetstreet) A purely black Japanese Bobtail
black cat breeds japanese bobtail 2
(Credit: Vetsreet) A black and white Japnese Bobtail

This unique black cat breed is …special. They have fluffy , bunny-like tails instead of long ones.

Also known as the stray cats of Japan, they are popular with tourists due to their docile and out-going behaviour.

They have a large range of vocals, from silent purrs to loud mews and chirps. They are described to have a song-like voice.

Japanese Bobtail´s are active and curious. They like playing with water, playing fetch or simply carrying toys around.

Last but not least, they are good with children and other pets (including dogs). Apparently they enjoy sitting on your shoulder (just like my one)and enjoy supervising from above.



5. Norwegian Forest Cat

black cat breeds Norwegian forest cat
A Norwegian forest cat in its natural habitat.

This unique cat breed is also known as the skogkatt cat.

They are believed tho be several thousand years old and definitely count as some of the most fascinating breeds on this list. Though not strictly dark coated, this black cat breed has one of the fluffiest fur coats.

Furthermore, they are primarily outdoor cats as they are close to nature and-well it is in their name.

However, they can be trained to live indoors and their social nature makes them valuable family members. They get along with children well.



What makes black cat breeds so special?

Black cats are special. We know this already, right? Yes, we do , but did you know that the mutation that gives our cats their black fur is in the same genetic family as certain genomes that are known to make humans resistant to HIV and other diseases.

If their shiny obsidian coats or striking golden eyes aren’t enough to draw you in yet, then it may be their absolutely unique characters will.

Black cats are the closest related to their primal ancestors. This means tht at they have a wild side that they only share with thir loved ones. But at the same time they have also been observed to be the most loving and loyal of all.

This I can often see by Vanta. She is my elder black cat and as her name may suggest has light-absorbing fur. She can transform from cuddling with us on the couch to a huntress protecting her home from a dangerous intruder(a fly honestly) within seconds.



black cat breeds cute kitten 2
A cute black kitten


Love your black cats? Because I do. Let us celebrate all our beloved felines on their corresponding days. Black cats even get an entire awareness month!

  • 17 August is Black Cat Appreciation Day
  • 27 October is National Black Cat Day
  • 1-31 October is Black Cat Awareness Month


If you have a black cat, or a black and white cat ,and would like to share some stories or pictures of you I would be delighted to see them. Read you next time!