5 simple tricks that you can teach your cat easily.

Who said that cats are not smart enough to learn tricks like dogs? There are some special tricks that cats can learn easily, cats are very smart, and they are very good in learning new things. At the same time, we know that cats’ first priority is food, so we can use this to teach them some easy tricks, so here we will tell you some tricks to train your cat on, and you will need to bring favorite cat’s treat, and your four legged friend.


And this is the easiest trick of all, if you hadn’t trained your cat on anything before, you should start with this. Just say the word “sit” and put your cat into the position after you say that, give it the treat and repeat for many times till your cat sits when you say the command.



Just wait when your cat is in the sitting positing, say shake and hold her paws, then give it a treat. Repeat till your cat gets used to it, it’s one of the easiest tricks.


3-Come when called

If your cat already responds to her name when you call, you don’t need this trick. Just call on your cat and repeat her name till she responds to you, give her a reward when it responds.



Use your cat’s favorite toy in this trick, throw the toy away, and you will find the cat going to grab it, take it from her and throw it again, your cat will figure it out, already all cats love to chase, by the end you will find the cat bringing the toy back to you, waiting for you to throw it again.



Just hold a treat and let it near the cat’s nose, then say your command, say “Wave” or “Say hi”, so the cat will raise its paws to get the treat, give it the reward and repeat it for many times.


Training cats is easy, and the tricks that they could learn are endless. Just grab your treats and be patient, it’s like training a little kid.