6 best family dog breeds that are known for their love for humans.

Not every dog breed loves to be around people, but actually some dogs love to be petted by other people, they love humans, and they love to get treats from them. Some dogs wander around people, to get some petties. They also love to chase other dogs, play with them or sniff their butts! It’s totally hilarious. So here in this article, we will show you the top 6 best family dog breeds that are sociable and love to be around humans.

1-German Shepherd
Despite the fact that German shepherd dogs are often seen as guarding and police dogs, they are known for their love for people and other animals. According to the American Kennel Club, German shepherd dogs came in the second place as the best family dogs breed’s  in the USA.  German shepherd dogs are very friendly, they are good to babies and little pets.


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2-Australian Shepherd
Same as German shepherd dogs, they are very energetic & family and playful; they go crazy about people and in dog parks, about dogs. But the company of their owners will remain their favorite. They are also known for their endless love for children.


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If you read before about the history of beagle dogs, you will find that they always live in groups, they are pack dogs, so it’s obvious they will always love to be around humans and other dogs, they are very sociable and friendly .


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4-Great Dane
The gentle giants, their hearts are as big as their size, they love to be around other people, they love to play with other puppies.

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No breed is friendlier than bulldogs, they are too funny and adorable, they love to be around people and they love to play with other dogs, you can make special friendships with any bulldog.


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6-Border Collie
Same as beagles, they are known for being pack dogs, so energetic that in the past they were working dogs, and they are love for humans. Border collies are sweet natured dogs.

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