6 cats texting their owners, and they’re sarcastic and rebellious, they will make you laugh.

We all know how cats really are. They are so hard to understand, no one ever does really. You never know what exactly do they need, and so you have to do everything that they could actually want till you satisfy them. But have you ever though what would happen if cats could actually text? I mean, cats are probably having sarcastic thoughts about their owners, but what if they actually wrote texts? Well, we have been wondering, and we actually tried to imagine what they will do, and we have the results right here. We assumed that they will be rebels, and a bit sarcastic, and both of those mixed together will make you laugh so hard. See the 6 pictures below:

1.The cat that just can’t stop looking at the LinkedIn website, and she even got her owner a job! She is such a rebel.


2.The cat that apparently thinks her owner never loved her because he wouldn’t leave work to open the blinds for her.


3.The cat that thinks the squirrel is in a gang, and she also thinks that her owner is nuts. Huh.


4.The cat that is trying so hard to convince her owner that she needs food, and he needs to get up.


5.The cat that killed the mouse and put it her owner’s pillow! This one made me laugh hard!


6.The cat that had a half bowl, and it was like a fire had started in the house.


What would your cat say if she could actually text? Let’s pretend and imagine, looking at our cat, and try to imagine what they’re thinking. We will probably get out with some hilarious results, aren’t we? Share these sarcastic texts with your family and friends, especially the ones who own a cat. They will definitely relate.