6 Funny Facts About Life With Dogs


Dogs are man’s best friend, life for dog owners is way different than it is for others.  Their life is full of adventures, and very spontaneous.  Dogs have their set ways, and as a dog owner, you should follow the rules and respect the dog’s logic.

1-Eyes at the back of your head

Yes, this is the life of a dog owner.  Dogs are sneaky, and they are waiting for the chance to sneak on your food or on your treats.  So be careful when you give them your back.


2-Dogs are human’s alarm clock.

Dog owners don’t need an alarm clock, they have their dogs instead. Dogs have installed schedules in their heads.  Once they are ready to start their day, they will come and wake you up.


3-Playing with water? 

This is dog logic “love to swim and play in the water, but when it comes to bath time, avoid it like the plague.”  It’s their worst nightmare.


4-Dogs feed on paper sometimes…

Dogs believe that they are helping you; you hate doing homework anyway!


5-The Size? It doesn’t matter.

Whether they are huge or tiny, their favorite place is on your lap.  Dogs believe that they always fit on your lap, no matter how big they get.


6-Dog hair is everywhere.

We all know that dogs shed hair by nature, and you will find it everywhere, even in the unexpected places; your mouth for example!


In spite of everything, living with a dog/dogs, is amazing, they are the best companions. If you believe that these facts are true, share this article your friends, especially your dog owner friends.