6 tail movements reveal all about your cat’s deepest emotions. I had no idea!


Every pet owner is responsible for paying attention to the health needs of their pet. When we talk about taking care of cats, most cat owners may think of sickness symptoms. I absolutely agree that it is crucial to look for their physical well-being, but is also important to have a look beyond this. These adorable furry creatures deserve emotional monitoring, too.

Like any other pet, we are talking about a beautiful animal that cannot verbally express how they feel at any given moment. However, they send clues to their humans to let them find out their current mood.

All cat owners might know that the tail is a key, but some perhaps do not know it is the most important and distinguished one. Animalive spoke to some feline behavior experts and came up with the incredible guide list below.

Most humans who have some experience dealing with cats might know how their cat is feeling, but there is nothing that could make a cat lover happier than being able to tell exactly how his or her cat is feeling. As experts reported, the tail tells it all!

Scroll through this guide to learn more about your cat’s favorite way of revealing its feeling, and please let us know about your thoughts in a comment!

How Does Your Cat Wave Its Tail?

In addition to giving good care to a feline friend, it is also lovable to believe we truly understand them. Luckily, every flick of their tail tells all about their inner emotions.

1. The Straight Deal


“I feel happy!”

If your cat sticks its tail straight up in the air, it shows that they are a happy cat.

When your cat sticks its tail straight up, they are expressing that the current mood is “I feel happy”. Happy cats feel confident and comfortable with their surrounding space.

2. The Mountain


“I feel tense!”

Forming the tail in a mountain summit shape is a sign that your cat feels tense, as if they can feel some tension in the air, like a fight that’s about to occur, or they may be showing a sign to someone nearby to keep their distance.

3. The Leg Sandwich


“I  feel sad!”

When a cat positions its tail down between the legs, it means they may be experiencing a negative feeling. This sign may be a result of depression, anxiety, sadness, or even panic. If you notice your cat making this movement, pull them of their funk by calming them. Give them some gentle belly rubs, or a soft petting on the back.

4. The Windshield Wiper


“I feel confident!”

When your cat swings its tail side to side, it means they feel pretty confident at the moment. This sign is the cat’s way of strutting, as they tell, “I’m good in my territory.”

5. The Shake


“I feel angry!”

When a cat is not in the best of moods, they usually reveal it by shaking their tail very quickly. They may be on the verge of lashing out with a claw, so it is probably better to give them some space.


6. The Snuggler


“I feel scared!”

If the cat is lifted by a human, and it brings its tail up towards its body, they are likely feeling scared or nervous. Just as for most animals, a cat’s belly is a very vulnerable place, and they would protect it in any way they can. Therefore, if you carry a cat and observed this, reposition them in your arms as this would diminish some of their fear.

If you truly love to find out what your cat’s feeling at any given moment, pay attention to their tail, putting the above tips in mind.

Let us know in a comment which of the above gestures your cat shows the most, or if they use any other ways to let you know how they feel.

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