6 Things Only Senior Dog Owners Will Relate

  1. Senior dogs are the best snuggles

These sweet senior dogs have mastered the art of cuddling and they aren’t afraid or ashamed to show it. Dogs are the best friends that anybody can ever have! All they want is to be with you, be around you and share time in your company. If you desire having the perfect cuddling friend, you have to spend time with your senior dog.

  1. What you see is what you get!

Puppies are the fastest to get adopted in shelters but you don’t really know how big they will get. But when you adopt a senior dog, you see right before your eyes everything that may concern you. Moreover, you will offer them second chances that they might need more than puppies.  Senior dogs have had more interaction with humans and might have undergone difficult ordeals.  Or simply, they are too used to humans being around them, it breaks their hearts when they no longer have them.