6 things that people say to every Pit bull owner, and it makes them feel sick.

Pit bull dogs are one of the kindest and faithful dogs; people think that they are wild, that’s why they submit them in fights. It leads to a breed discrimination for Pit Bull dogs that is born in the United States. Sadly, it leads sometimes for many pets’ owners to be forced to leave their beloved pets due to this breed-specific legislation. Now, pit bull is targeted to this breed discrimination, before this, there were German shepherd, Doberman and Dalmatians or any big dog breed. The pit bull owners hear many phrases that they get sick about it, and here are some of them.

1-You can’t live here!

Shockingly, there are some cities that don’t allow people who own pit bull dogs to live in, like Denver. So despite you love where you live or not, those laws can force you to leave your home or your dog.

1-2035824843_e58975ff10_zImage source: @Beverly&Pack via Flickr

2-If you have kids, then you shouldn’t have a pit bull dog around.

Some people think that pit bull dogs are not the right pet to have if you have kids, despite the fact that Pit bulls are very gentle and loving for kids.


Image source: @PigsOnTheWing9876 via Flickr

3-You know Pit bulls are dangerous right?

This is the phrase that you hear every time you say that you have a Pit bull dog, and actually, if any dog breed is not treated carefully and was trained and socialized, they would be dangerous.


Image source: @maplegirlie via Flickr

4-You can’t board your dog here.

Some hosting facilities that host dogs refuse to host Pit bulls, which is not easy for Pit bull owner to decide to go out.


Image source: @maplegirlie via Flickr

5-All pit bull dogs should be killed.

It’s the worst thing to hear, some sick hearted people say this. No one has the right to decide whether a dog should be killed or not.


6-Pit bulls are the most aggressive breed ever.

Which is not true, after lots of researches, it is proven that dachshund dogs are the most aggressive breed.


Image source: Elle the Pit Bull