7 Pawsome Offers on Pet Costumes for a Happy & Warm Pooch this Christmas

I am not Santa.

I can admit that wholeheartedly, because, well, I am not.

However, even though I may not be the magical white-bearded Saint that goes to every house in the western hemisphere to give presents at one night (An impressive accomplishment by all means), I still want to give gifts to all dog lovers and pet owners.

So, while my family is getting busy with getting the Christmas decorations, I spent hours searching for the best Christmas gift ideas for dogs and other pets, and I have compiled a list of the best pet and dog presents for Christmas.

All of these presents are about one idea: Warmth. I want to help you keep your dog warm and comfortable, especially with the troubling news that this is going to be a very tough and cold winter.

So, let’s together take a look at these 7 Pet Houses and Clothing items that will keep your pet warm and comfy in the cold winter nights as well as.

Dog Snowman Outfit

You love Christmas and enjoy it, and now your dog gets to join the festivities as well with this awesome dog Snowman Costume. Out of all the dog Christmas Clothes available today, I think this one looks the cutest and most adorable.

It’s also quite comfy as it’s made from a soft cotton blend that should keep your pooch warm in and outside the house. They are easy to wear and the armholes are soft so they don’t irritate your pooch.

They are not just for dogs, too! You can get one for your cat as well and let them enjoy Christmas looking adorable and grabbing attention anywhere you take them.

Since they are made from a premium cotton blend, they are easy to clean, because we all know you don’t need another heavy-duty cleaning task this Christmas. You can machine-wash them or hand-wash them and they will go back to looking like brand new, even after your pet has played with them everywhere (hey, dogs will be dogs, what can you do?)

You can grab this dog snowman costume 50% Off now.

Pecto Dog Sweaters

Speaking of cute, I think any dog is cute, but they can even be cuter with this awesome dog sweater. I also think that you agree with me.

Similar to the last outfit, these are absolutely adorable, but they are a bit on the humorous side with the Cartoon designs and all. They are made from comfortable material, so your dog could wear them all day long and not feel any discomfort.

They even have a bit of give to them which make them a good fit for super-active dogs who don’t take a break and like jumping and running around, especially with everyone having fun around them.

There is another variation of them which is a cute dog Santa Costume that I couldn’t just show you!

Pecto Dog Sweaters

How CUTE is that! 

They are available in SEVEN different sizes, so you can get them for your large dog, small puppy, and tiny kitten as well! You can also get them in red or black if you like.

With Christmas Offers, you can get this adorable Christmas Dog Sweater 29% Off  and have it

Elf Dog Costume

I would like to make an argument. We should celebrate the elves more than we celebrate Santa.

I mean, I like Santa and all, but he only delivers the toys, but the elves – those lovely magical creatures – are the ones who make the toys. I don’t think they get paid to do it, too. I believe they do it because they like to bring happiness to the world.

Now you can sprinkle a touch of elf magic on your dog with adorable elf dog Costume. They are also available in 4 different sizes, which means you can get one for your small puppy or cat as well!

They are comfortable to wear, so you can leave them wearing the costume all day long without worrying they may be feeling discomfort. They can also be worn in Winter to keep them warm when it gets too cold.

You can grab this fancy dress for dogs now at 33% Off, and If I were you, I would do it quickly before the limited stock runs out.

4 Santa Claus Boots for Dogs

No outfit is complete without the proper footwear, right?

Actually, you don’t even need the costume. You can just get the footwear, just look at how adorable they look on their own.

4-2 Santa Claus boots for dogs

OMG, is this ADORABLE or what?!

They are also as comfortable as they look. Made from 100% Cotton to make your dog’s feet warm and comfy even after wearing them for a long time.

At first, your dog will try and get used to them, and they may even stumble a few times, but before you know it, they will be jumping around in them and making everyone smile.

And don’t worry about finding the right size for your pet, as there are five available sizes to choose from. Just make sure you do the measurements correctly to give your dog the comfort and warmth they need in this cold winter.

These adorable boots for dogs are made from 100% Cotton and 150% Cuteness, and you can grab them now at 41% Off.

If you have a family relative or friend who loves his dog more than anything in the world (as we often do), and you can get the measurements yourself, this would also make an awesome extra present for the dog and will show them how much you actually care about them.

Puppy Christmas Sweaters

Stop looking for the perfect dog Christmas clothes for your puppy. You have found it. This puppy Christmas sweater is everything you have been looking for and more.

They are also a great way to put your pooch in the Christmas mood so they can enjoy the festivities with you (at the end, Christmas is about more than cookies, and dogs need to learn that, too).

Not only is it cute, but it’s also comfortable and can keep your pooch warm this winter. They are made from High-Quality Material to keep your puppy comfortable, and the armholes are well-made so they are not irritating to puppies.

The beautiful design means your pooch will be even cuter in Christmas, and it’s guaranteed that they will be the topic of most conversations or at the least the beginning of them (I would know, I always talk about dogs in parties).

They are also machine washable, so you can enjoy your Christmas and let the dog enjoy theirs while jumping and running around with you worrying about cleaning it later.

There are 4 Available sizes to choose from, and you can have the cutest puppy on Christmas if you grab them now, and you will also get the 17% OFF!

Pet Christmas Hat

Okay, I don’t think I even need to explain why this is on the list. Just look at how adorable are the hat and scarf, now imagine how over-the-top-adorable your dog will look wearing them?

I know, it’s amazing, who thought something could ever be this cute!

But your dog could be. They are also great for keeping them warm in the cold winter.

Made from premium material to feel as good as they look on your dog’s head, and the scarf is actually quite nice and will keep the dog’s neck warm even in the coldest nights.

Make your dog turn heads anywhere they go with this Dog Christmas Hat which you can get for 30% Off with this lovely Christmas offer.  These are also great as dog Christmas presents ideas if you have family members or friends who like dressing up their dogs every occasion.

Santa Clause Costume for Pets

Has your dog been a good boy (or a good girl) this year?

Do you want to tell the world how good your dog has been this year? Have you told Santa how good your dog has been?

You don’t have to, you can let the dog tell everyone instead with this awesome Christmas Costume.

7-2 Santa Claus Costume

It’s also just as comfy as it is cute, so your dog could wear it all day long and enjoy all the cookies and festivities while not feeling any discomfort.

The beautiful designs will make your dog look extra cute and festive this Christmas, and they can wear it in winter to keep warm.

You can get these beautiful designs in two different shades of red and 4 different sizes so they can fit puppies, cats, and dogs of all sizes. With this Christmas-Only offer, you can get these adorable Costumes for 19% Off.

These were the offers we found for now, but In case you’ve missed it, we’ve also talked about these 10 Awesome Christmas deals earlier, so make sure you also check that for even more awesome offers.

I hope you liked these Christmas gifts for dogs in 2018, but we’re not done yet! I am not going out there to do the decorations before I make sure I have found each and every awesome deal on all-things-pets.

So, check back for new offers and choices every day! See you again soon, and Merry Christmas!