8 Things that people do to dogs that should be BANNED!


We all love our dogs, we all want the best for them, and we all want them to be healthy as much as we can, but there are things that we do, and we don’t know that it’s hurting our dogs in several ways, and it should be banned right now, so let’s see what those things are.

1-Debarking. Which is about softening the barks of the dog by cutting the dog’s vocal chords to make his barks more like whispers instead of normal loud barks, which is not acceptable at all to do. You can better train your dog not to bark without a reason. This surgery is so painful.


2-Choke Chains is one of the things that must be banned, many people think it’s normal, but it’s not, it causes trachea damage.


3-Electronic Collars are the same, also they are more dangerous, it makes a kind of shock when the dog makes something wrong, which is obviously an abusing tool that should be banned.


4-Invisible Fences were made already for well-groomed yard, and they are not protective at all, anyone can steal your dog, and also any animal can attack it.


5-Puppy Mills need to stop, they don’t care about the dogs’ genetic health and they are living in horrible conditions, and it’s all for money! This thing needs to be banned.


6-Selling dogs in pet stores must be stopped! And this will stop directly the puppy mill.


7- Tethering is not allowed even if it’s necessary in some parts of training, many people leave their dogs tethered outside all day long.


8-Cargo Transport is an essential thing for people who travel with their pets, but airlines must allow people to take their dogs in their cabins, or improve their service and care about pets’ safety. It’s way better than hearing a story about a dog that is ill, dead or injured because of handling in the airport.