8 Things that your dog lies to you about

6-25-2015 4-51-51 PM

Yes, dogs can lie; never trust your dog, because not every time he will say the truth! And here we will tell you 8 things that your dog lies to you about.

1-I didn’t eat enough


No matter what your dog will eat, he will always tell you that they don’t feel like they had enough food yet.

2-I can’t get comfortable


If your dog is that type who loves to have lots of cuddles, they won’t feel comfortable easily; they will need some extraordinary ways to feel comfortable, no matter how much pillows and blankets you get them.

3-I don’t have enough toys


Despite how full his box is with toys, and despite how much toys you bring him every week, he will make you feel like he doesn’t have enough toys, maybe he will start to chew any of your belongings instead, So it will be your fault in the end.

4-My walks are too short


No matter how long you were at the dog park or having a walk, your dog will always make you feel like it’s too short

5-I go to the vet too much

6-25-2015 5-00-07 PM

Even you are taking your dog only once in a year for a medical check, your dog will still think that he is going to the vet “a lot”

6-I don’t get to Lick Enough Things


Your dog licks everything, all the time, your face, your elbow, anything around him, but all of this is not enough for him.

7-I don’t have enough balls


The same thing as toys, no matter how much balls your dog has, 100, 200…etc. he will need more, you will feel hopeless when you find that your dog has no enough balls to play fetch.

8-I bathe a lot


Not every day your dog hsd a bath, but for him, it’s like he is having a bath every day.