8 ways to make your kitten sociable!

1.Throw a kitties party!

Invite your friends over with their cats! Offer them lots of toys and snacks so they can interact with your new kitten. Keep the party short-timed, and keep on playing with your furry kitten every then and there, because you will be the only person she recognizes in the room.


2.Take her out!

People think that only dogs can go on a walk, but they are wrong. Your kitten will later on need to go to the vet and all these things, so get her out of the house, get her used to car rides and all.


3.Train your kitten on walking on a harness.

In order to take your kitten on walks around the neighborhood, you need to train him on walking with a harness on. It’s a safe way for him to explore the outer world.



Touch your kitten everywhere, play with his paws and gently squeeze them so the kitten could get used to the nail trimming sensation. If he got used to this, it will be easier when the vet takes him for grooming.



Get your kitten used to brushing, don’t use sharp tools and if you found his hair tangled up, do not pull the skin. Because that way will make him dislike grooming.


6.Let your cat know that there are creatures called dogs.

If you already have a dog or planning to have one, make sure you introduce your dog to your kitten slowly. And it’s better if the dog is still a puppy, too.


7.Shower time!

Cats don’t really need showers, because they clean themselves all day long, but there will always come a time when they get really messed up and in need of a shower. So get her used to baths from the very beginning.



Kids are curious, which is a result of why cats do not like them. Kids want to know what is a cat, why does a cat has a tail, why does the cat has hair, and lots of questions from this kind. Find gentle kids to play with your kitten, so your kitten does not feel that all kids are aggressive.