A baby lamb plays jumping and bouncing when the woman does THIS.


Sometimes you find out that you can build a strong bond between you and other animals, who said that those kinds of friendships are built only with dogs and cats? The amazing bond between animals and humans is very strong. In this video, you will see one of the best friendships ever, between this lady and a lamb.

What this baby lamb did is adorable, when the lady acted that she is walking like a four legged animal, the lamb goes backward and the baby lamb jumps and bounces in a very funny way. Each time the lady did that, the lamb jumped happily. Isn’t it cute?


When the video was uploaded on YouTube, it gained lots of views; the video gained more than three million views with millions of shares on pets’ blogs. Some viewers liked it so much and they also wished that they will be in the woman’s place, but others had some negative reviews, they said that it’s an aggressive act, but what is aggressive in it? Some others said that maybe the lamb is only trying to shack the bell collar, but as you see, the girl is only trying to have fun with the baby lamb.

Lambs are cute, and this video proves it. No one can get enough of watching them. Watch this video that shows a cute Border collie dog that is looking after the little lamb that her mother died when it was a baby, what happened in the video is so adorable; it shows the amazing bond between both of them. Don’t miss also to watch this video of a lamb and a husky dog, which are enjoying their playful time together. Enjoy watching.


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