A baby lamp was born with a human’s face in Russia.


You are about to see a miracle right now, because this is something that you didn’t see before. Of course you know how lambs look like, but this lamb is totally different, this lamb was born in the Russian Republic of Dagestan. And surprisingly, the face of this lamb is so much looking like a human face; it looks a lot like a human nose and chin. Or maybe it looks more like an old man who actually looks ugly. When they took the lamb to the vet, and after checking on the lamb, they said that it’s an excess of Vitamin A in the mother sheep’s milk.

4-7-2015 4-14-53 PM
After searching between many photos, they found that the lamb is actually looking like Jay Leno, and some other people thinks that the lamb is looking a lot like Kreacher, who appeared in one of the Harry Potter movies. After the lamb was ready to leave his mom, they sold the lamb to a traveling circus for a hefty price.
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Watch the lamb in the video below and share it with your family and friends.