A battle between one kitten and two Iguanas.

A battle between one kitten and two Iguanas.

Cats are loved; no one ever on earth has a doubt that they are the cutest creatures on earth, especially when they’re still kittens; it’s amazing to see how they learn everything for the first time and explore life. Who can say no for a kitten?

When you see the word kitten in a title, you first know that it’s all about cuteness and fun, but in this video we have a different situation with a kitten, because it’s not a cute thing at all. This kitten is between two Iguanas! One is by her side and one in front of her. The little kitten wants to explore what is this. But what happened next was like a shock for the kitten, I think she lost one of her nine lives, the Iguana scared the kitten so much at 0:33, you won’t imagine how the kitten reacted to it.

The video reached more than 700 million views after it was uploaded on YouTube. The video received many reviews, some was positive and they thought it’s a funny battle. But lots of negative reviews were there. Some viewers saw this as an animal abuse; they thought that it’s not a funny video at all. The kitten might have got bitten by the Iguana, putting the kitten in one place with those iguanas can harm it in many ways. Some viewers said maybe the lguana bit the kitten at 0:33.

Whatever the facts is about this video, putting your pets in such situations to have “fun” can harm them badly. Putting a kitten under scary situations and under a shock to capture just a video is not a funny thing at all. Watch this video of two iguanas scaring a little kitten, and share it with your friends to see their opinion.