A beautiful woman Says good bye for his dog on her way


Lauren Fern Watt, a beautiful girl lives in Manhattan with her dog English Mastiff, Gizelle, 8 years old. “Gizelle wasn’t just a pet, she was some extremely special mix of my daughter, best friend, roommate, and everything in between,” – Said Lauren. She knew that her beautiful dog had only a few months to live as she had terminal bone cancer. Lauren has been depressed when she knew that her favorite friend will leave her “It was so hard to grasp life without her.” As she said, but she decided to pass the rest of her beautiful dog happily and to make something special for her beautiful roommate, so she created a bucket-list adventure of everything they wanted to do before she died , as she said “My sobbing seemed unstoppable, but Gizelle was sensitive and didn’t like to see me cry. I had to be strong. So I decided we would bury our worries in the dog park and create a bucket-list adventure of everything we wanted to do before she died. It was my mission for us to indulge and explore life’s joys”, firstly, they had a canoe ride. “I was determined to get all 160 pounds of my easily spooked pup into a canoe. I tried to keep from wobbling as she hesitantly tip toed in one paw at a time. Gizelle was confused by the paddle splashing water in her face, and when a spider jumped onboard, we nearly capsized as I swatted at it with a life jacket. But when a light breeze picked up, Gizelle plunked her heavy head on the side of the canoe as we floated across the water, and I could almost see the wind tickling her jowls. I know she was embracing the quiet and nature that we didn’t have in the city. As she said. Lauren has passed his best moments in her life with her beautiful dog making a new adventures, going to a party with 19 adorable dogs, celebrating the last Christmas for Gizelle, her last day was the worst and the hardest day for Lauren in his life, but she knew that it was her time