A big dog saved his dog friend who was stuck in mud.


This story shows how amazing is the relations between dogs and each other’s, this story is showing the real meaning of loyalty. Razor the little dachshund dog who is having a strong friendship between him and his friend Jazzy the Saint Bernard dog. Both dogs are living with their owner Tim Chavez.

One day, Jazzy was lost, no one can find him the whole day, the next day when Chavez was going to work, his dachshund dog Razor started to bark and act weirdly, he was trying to tell his owner that there is something wrong with his friend Razor, he was trying to alert him but things didn’t work, his owner left and went to work, the dachshund dog didn’t give up, He also started to alert the neighbors. Thankfully his tries didn’t fade away; suddenly the neighbors noticed that there is something wrong so they followed Razor


Jazzy was stuck in mud, he can’t move a limb, and he was stuck at least two feet into it. Razor ran to him, leading the neighbors to his place. When they found Jazzy, someone of them called 911. The firefighters came and they used backboard and long spine board to save the dog. Jazzy’s owner was very thankful to the people who helped his dog.

We are all thankful that Jazzy was rescued, but we are more thankful for his little dachshund dog friend who saved his life, he is a hero; the dachshund dog became very famous at his local city. Razor won a certificate because of the heroic thing he did. We discover how strong the bond is between us and our dogs, only when something like this happen. This story proves how dogs are loyal and precious.


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Sources: Daily Mail, KRQE / Photo Source: Daily Mail