A Boston terrier did something hilarious to avoid walking in his snow shoes!

4-15-2015 11-52-00 PM

This video is hilarious! You will fall off the chair from laughing! This Boston Terrier is doing something adorable and hilarious, his owner can’t believe what he is seeing, so can’t we! Meet Gizmo the Boston terrier, and see him how he creatively avoids walking in his snow shoes, guess how? He walks only on his front paws! It’s adorable, yet hilarious. You will laugh hysterically!

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Boston terrier dogs are cute and medium sized, their weight is about 4 to 11 kg, and their life span is from 11 to 15 years on average. They have a short nose; it’s very dangerous to use a collar to take your Boston terrier dog where you want because it will harm its neck. Boston terrier dogs are loving and gentle, full of energy and playful. The Boston terrier dogs have a short nose which makes it not able to cool the air like those dogs that have long or big ones and they also snore, snort and drool. Also according to their short hair coat, they can’t deal with cold weathers, so you have to warm them up. You have to be careful and know that Boston terriers could have so many respiratory system problems, so take care to not pull them from the neck’s collar. Make sure that you are giving your Boston terrier the suitable portion of food to avoid getting fat.

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Boston Terriers have many adventures, and they always knew how to make us laugh, or just make our day to the better. Watch this video of an owner asking his Boston terrier to smile, see what he did! What he did is unbelievable and adorable. Also don’t miss this video of an owner and her Boston terrier dog, when she started eating her snack, the Boston terrier did something hilarious, you’ll laugh out loud.

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