A brilliant machine takes used plastic bottles to feed stray dogs.

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Every street has two common problems, the first is where to throw away the trash like plastic bottles, and the second problem is stray dogs, they live under horrible circumstances, and they have many difficulties in finding food. So this machine comes to solve it all! This vending machine is helping the environment and solving those problems in the same time. In the streets of Istanbul, this magical machine was located, and you will be totally impressed by what this machine is doing.

For every plastic bottle that you put inside the machine for recycling, it dispenses kibble into a bowl to feed the stray dogs who lives in the streets, it’s amazing, this machine is helping the environment and also helps the stray dogs to find their daily needs of healthy food.

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In Istanbul, there are about more than 150,000 stray dogs living in the streets, they face lots of hard circumstances, especially in finding clean food, but this machine solved it all.

These machines were made by Pugedon, by the price of the recycled plastic bottles that you throw inside the machine, it pays for the dogs’ food inside the machine. By this machine, they helped the streets to be clean, they recycled it, they used its price to save the stray dogs. Isn’t it amazing? This is what stray dogs really need!

Before this machine were set on streets, the Istanbul’s government wanted to collect all the stray dogs to move them to a new environment, and let the streets empty of stray dogs, but the civils refused it all, they wanted the dogs to live with them, dogs needs love and care, even if they are just stray! And thankfully, the Pugedon found that creative solution.

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Watch the video below and see how people interact with the machine in the video below.