A Bullet Ricocheted Into the Room, What The Cat Did Was Heroic


We used to think that dogs are those who protect their owners from any intruder or any stranger who tries to hurt someone in the family, but it seems that cats are strong enough to protect their owners too.

It all started in Pennsylvania where Opie the hero cat was hit by a bullet in his head, the bullet has ricocheted in the room where there was a little baby who was only 3 years old.The owner’s son was sleeping there only 3 inches away from the bullet. On that morning, a stray projectile came through the house window, hitting the ginger cat. Opie is truly a hero.


As the owner said, the first thing she did at that moment was checking on her baby, and she saw that thankfully he was asleep and safe, and when she turned to see the cat, she found him on the floor, and she was shocked! Her cat was shot to save her son. The cat’s condition was horrible, Opie’s head was bleeding, the bullet entered his head then left through the bottom of his neck then it entered his shoulders again through the armpit.


The owner said that if Opie wasn’t lying there, her son would be dead by now.


Sadly, the veterinarians asked the cat’s owner to decide whether to put Opie the hero cat down or not, but she totally refused, and the cat will undergo surgery soon. The owner of Opie raised more than $1,900 on GoFundMe.com on Monday night for her cat’s medical treatments, and she will do her best to keep her cat around, it’s the least thing that she can do to honor him.

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