Not even death can separate this owner from her cat


Gabby is a beautiful cat who was only 2 years old when Dorothy adopted her, and they never separated since. For more than a decade, they were the best companions to each other.

This tragedy inspired Jill Layton, Dorothy’s granddaughter, to write about the heartwarming events this couple shared.  They comforted each other until their last breathe.  Both shared a strong bond, which inspired Jill to write their stories on her blog.  She was mesmerized by the companionship Gabby and her granny shared, so touched that she adopted a pup as soon as she was able to, and called him Riley!


The more you get to know about this couple, the more you will be grateful to Jill for sharing this lifetime experience with the world! Human and pet relationships can be remarkably  inspiring! This bond is strong, sincere and marvelous! This kind of unbreakable bond is simply wonderful!

Scroll down to read the some extracts from the amazing blog Jill wrote, and we invite all our readers to share their pet relationship experiences with us.  Share your thoughts and opinions in a comment!  Let’s spread this loving energy around.

Gabby passed away recently, and on the same day her longtime companion and owner, Dorothy, died too. It was incredibly surprising for Jill and the rest of the family that Dorothy would follow Gabby within hours! Jill was extremely touched by this incident and encouraged her to write the blog.



Here are some of our favorite extracts from Jill’s blog,

“Shortly after Gabby became a permanent member of the family, Grandpa died. Not able to keep up with a big house on their own, Grandma and Gabby moved into an apartment complex for seniors, where help was offered if they needed it, but still allowed for independence.” 

As a child, Jill always loved the relationship between her gran and Gabby.  She knew as soon as she was old enough she was going to own her own pet.  She aspired to have that bond between her and her pet, the same love Gabby and her grandma had.  She also went on and explained how Gabby hung around her grandma constantly.  Gabby tailed her grandma’s every move and spent mornings on top of her head while she over slept.  They were great roommates.


“They both started to slow down around the same time, but continued to be two sweet old ladies who enjoyed each other’s company. ” Jill stated in her blog


Eventually, the cat was growing old.  Dorothy sensed this when Gabby was keeping herself to herself.  She was not as clingy anymore.  Simultaneously Dorothy’s body also started to show withdrawal signs, and her organs started to shut down.  That’s when she started to lose weight rapidly, and both were sadly coming closer to their end.

Dorothy took Gabby to the vet, who advised that she would be put down and put out of her misery.  Jill explained that her granny held her cat softly and ensured she had a comfortable slip away.

Grandma lost her best friend and, perhaps, her soul mate. After Gabby was gone, Grandma went home and took a nap on the couch. She never woke up.”

Jill stated that her grandma died four hours later.  She doesn’t know if this is a mere coincident, or if her gran died of a broken heart.  She was sure however that their souls didn’t separate at all.


Jill then went on and expressed her obsession with her own dog, exactly like the way her granny adored Gabby.  She was grateful to her grandma for planting the idea of pet companionship.

Finally, Jill conveyed that her grandma and the cat were buried together and that she was sure their bond is still present in their lives.

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