A cat refuses to go for a walk; the way he reacted was hilarious!

2-26-2015 3-38-13 PM

If you have a cat, I am sure that you have tried this before, every cat owner has tried for once to take his cat for a walk, and we all failed in that. But this man decided to try hard to take his cute cat for a walk. Meet Bucky, the cute cat, as you see in the video, the owner was getting ready for the walk and he puts the leash and harness on the cat, but what will surprise you is the way that the cat reacted to this! It seems that the cat was not ready for the walk at all. Bucky played dead, it’s like that it’s his own special way of protesting, but the owner dragged him, and he kept on refusing to get up. Watch by yourself how Bucky reacted to the leash idea.

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Surprisingly, the video had reached more than three million views; but let me tell you, it got many people upset. Some viewers saw this as a funny video of a cat against the rules. But some other viewers saw this video as horrible one. Cats are not like dogs in the whole leash things, they have a very small neck, smaller and weaker than the dog, so it can’t be dragged like this. But as you noticed that the leash was already attached at their shoulder blades, so that there is no pressure exerted on the neck. So calm down people, the cat is ok.

There is some cats who reacted the same with the leash thing. Watch this video of a cat who stopped moving when her owner decided to take her for a walk! Her reaction was unexpected.

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Have you ever tried to take your cat for a walk? Watch this video below and share it with your family and friends.