A cat rescues her little kitten from the top of the tree.

little kitten

The bond between both cat and her little kitten is very special and strong, it always amazes me. This fearless mother found her little kitten stuck on the top of the tree, and she can’t get down, which is very dangerous on the little kitten; it was the time for a kitten rescue. The poor little one kept on meowing like she is screaming and crying for help. The courageous mother jumped up to the little kitten, but she tried to catch her but she couldn’t. Surprisingly, the mother cat got down alone and left her little kitten up the tree, to give her courage, she showed the kitten how she could get down. After that, you will find the cute little kitten taking the brave step just like her mom to get down the tree, and she did it perfectly. Well done kitty!

I wonder why hadn’t the owners of both cats try to catch the little kitten and bring her down since the first moment they discovered that the little kitten was stuck.

A cat rescues her little kitten from the top of the tree.

If you own a little kitten, you have to take good care of them, it starts with providing them a wide safe place, you have to keep them warm, kittens can catch a cold very easily which is very dangerous in their first weeks. Before you hold one of them and after that, you have to wash your hands very well with soap and water, and just soap and water, no extra products. And because kittens may have several health problems in their few weeks, you have to plan a vet visit to check up on them. Kittens must stay beside their mother for several weeks; the first 45 days in their life, so don’t separate them from their mothers earlier than that. Cats are a very kind hearted animal, their motherhood especially amazes me, and it’s the kindest and the best of all.

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