A cat rushed into the fire to save her 5 kittens! It’s a mother instinct at its best.


As always, animals’ world is inspiring us, teaching us the most amazing morals. We all know that fire is one of a cat’s biggest fears; they try their best to protect themselves from it, or trying to avoid it as much as they can. But simply, this cat had proved that nothing is stronger than a mother’s instinct, even if it was fear itself.


Scarlett the cat had given birth to five small kittens, Scarlett the cat is living in an abandoned building with her young kittens. Accidently, the building was set on fire, and the reasons were not revealed, it’s according to unknown causes. When all hope seemed lost, the family was in real danger; Scarlett the cat did the unthinkable to save her kittens. She walked through the fire for 5 times back and forth to save the 5 kittens; Scarlett rescued the 5 kittens one by one. The rescue was too late, when the firefighters came and found Scarlett; she was near death but all her kittens were safe. What she did then was amazing, she was caring for her kittens’ safety, and she was sniffing them with her nose to make sure they are safe, because sadly, she wasn’t able to see, because of the blisters on her eyes. Immediately after that, Scarlett collapsed unconscious.

One of the noble firefighters took scarlet and her kittens to the veterinary clinic, all of them took the medical treatment they need for three months till they were healthy enough to be adopted.

Scarlett the cat is a hero, her mother instinct was stronger than her fears, and it’s very touching to see how Scarlett was ready to pay her life for the safety of her kittens, it’s like she used her nine lives to save her little kittens.