A cat spent more than 30 days in a shipping container.

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The story is hard to believe, but owner Ashley Barth and the veterinarian’s office where her cat is being treated say that it is true: Mee Moowe the cat survived a month-long trip across the country without food or water. That trip started in Suffolk, when movers went to pack up the Barth family’s home in September. Mee Moowe went missing and believing Mee Moowe had been scared off by the movers, the Barth’s stayed an extra three days in their old home to search for their cat. Ashley Barth the owner of the cat said “It made me sick. It was heartbreaking, “My girls, they were crying hysterically telling me there was no way we can leave without her. They refused to get on the airplane.

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I had to promise them that we would find her, that she would be okay.” The family delayed their move to Hawaii, staying three more nights in their empty house, hoping Mee Moowe would show up. Eventually, they couldn’t wait any longer. The land and sea journey or the Barth family’s belongings took more than a month. Thirty-six days after their Suffolk home was packed up, the boxes arrived in Hawaii. When movers began unloading, Barth said she heard a quick, faint “meow.” Everybody started crying,” Barth said. “My daughter started crying. My 10-year-old daughter was actually one of the ones that helped take her out of the box.” The cat had apparently survived the trip in a box without food or water, but barely, according to Barth. Mee Moowe had weighed 17 pounds before the trip and was down to half of that when they found her. But the reunion was cut short. The cat has to be quarantined at a Maui veterinarian’s office for three months, which Barth says is costing them nearly $4,000. And it could have been avoided if Mee Moowe had not been mistakenly shipped in a box. Now the cat will be reunited with her family to join the valentine day.

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You can call it a medical miracle or proof that cats have nine lives.

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