A Chameleon hatching from its egg and taking its first steps!

A Chameleon hatching from its egg and taking its first steps!

It’s amazing to watch this, nothing is more stunning than watching a new baby opening its eyes for the first time in its life, but simply it’s not a normal baby, it’s a baby chameleon that is hatching from its egg. It’s something you have never seen before, the man noticed that the egg was about to hatch so he put it on his hands and started to record this amazing video. This video is witnessing a birth of a baby chameleon; by the end of the video, you will see the little chameleon having a walk on the man’s hand. This is something you don’t get to see every day, it’s a miracle.

Chameleon, the most well-known fact about them is that they can change their color to match the nature surrounding. They change it to hide, or to protect themselves, also it changes according to their mood. Chameleon colors changes between red, blue or green and lots of other colors, for example, it changes to yellow or red when they feel hungry, and if they are sick, they get a pale color. Surprisingly, Chameleon can look to two things at the same time in different directions. Chameleon has a lightning–fast tongue to help it catch flies and flying insects. They live mostly in Aisa, Africa and southern Europe. As you saw in the video, the smallest chameleon is smaller than your thumb, but the largest one, is about 2 feet long.

Watching those new born taking their first steps in life is the most wonderful thing ever. Watch this video of a giraffe giving birth to her baby; you will think he didn’t survive but then a miracle happen. Also watch this video of a baby hippo taking his first run, it’s adorably cute.

Watch this amazing video of the Chameleon hatching the egg, and if you find it cute, share it with your family and friends.

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