A Chihuahua cross dog was stolen 10 days ago; see how the family is reacting.


Every day we hear a story about dogs that constantly get abused or stolen, and it’s heartbreaking. People are so heartless nowadays, stealing dogs to get money, and who knows what else. It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear a new story everyday about another dog that has been abused or abandoned by his owner, or just stolen, leaving his owner heartbroken and hopeless. But as always, we should never lose hope, because one day, we will get back what we once lost, somehow and someday.

Today’s story is about a schoolgirl who is absolutely heartbroken about her recently stolen dog; Caramel was stolen 10 days ago. The girl launched a campaign on Facebook, Find Caramel, desperate for someone to find her precious dog; the campaign already gained the attention of more than 12 million people who are concerned for Caramel and the precious girl. The family is offering £1,000 reward for the person who finds Caramel the Chihuahua cross. Not only was Caramel the Chihuahua cross a family pet, but she was the girl’s best friend.


Tragically, the family brought the dog to encourage their daughter, who suffers from juvenile arthritis, to have more motivation to exercise. The family wrote on Facebook that on June the 3rd, their house in Harlow, Essex, was burgled and robbed and including the things that were stolen, their dog Caramel was too. They also added that they miss her so much, but the important thing is that she has hernia and a tumor, and if she didn’t get the operation she needs, she might not survive. The family also mentioned that Caramel the Chihuahua cross already had missed vet appointments. Their daughter had arthritis and Caramel encouraged her mobility, so hopefully, Caramel will come back safe and sound.

Police in Harlow are now trying to get any information, and appealing to anyone who has information about Caramel to come forward. Never lose hope, and she will be back hopefully.

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