A Chimpanzee Suffers For 30 Years Because Of A Cruel Experiment!

If you have ever seen a chimp, you would properly know how these creatures are precious. They are smart, sensitive, and incredibly social. Chimps live in troops, and they are pretty good in establishing families. And Ponso is one unlucky chimp who had to live alone for so much long years.

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This chimp rescue story could make you feel a little bit angry of humanity because of all the suffering he had to go through for long, but at the same time, it would also make you feel grateful and heart-warmed due to the rescuers’ kindness and ultimate care. Even if it has come 30 years late! The ugly truth is that “making it up to him eventually is certainly better than just pretending blindness!”

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Ponso is 40 years old now. When he was 10 years old, he was kidnapped by a group of chimps for research purposes. The poor chimps had experimented in a cruel way, and eventually dropped on an island in the Ivory Coast where no resources to live. They had no food to eat! Though the company responsible for this sad drama had been forced to supply them with food, it seemed that food had not been enough for them! They died one after another!

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Ponso had a wife and two chimps, but he had lost them all just like every other chimp. He has been alone on that island for three years! Luckily for him, he has not been completely alone; he would die either if so. One human stranger cared for him who is a local villager, and he did his best to keep him alive! One human cared for this poor sad and old chimp after all these years! For three years, this villager continued to feed Ponso, he was giving him bananas and bread. Ponos kept eating to live, he wanted to survive despite he was sad and lonely!

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Recently, Estelle Raballand has given another helping hand to Ponso. When the director of the Chimpanzee Conservation Center knew about the desperate story of Ponso, she was sure that he deserves a visit. She knows what should be done, and when to do it, so she would be very much helpful for that lonely sad chimp.

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There were concerns about Ponso’s reaction when meeting a stranger, but he unexpectedly disagrees! That chimp just shown that he, somehow, still believes in good people! He accepted Estelle and welcomed her as if he knew she would be his savior! It is really touching to see how Ponso still capable of showing love to humans, and when you see him with Estelle, you would probably admit that “He did not worth all that suffer from begin indeed!”

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Estelle spent her day with Ponso laughing and playing, and they both felt hopeful about a better future plane for Ponso. At last and after all those years, Ponso had a chance of living with a chimp troop once more! They just have to make him ready physically and psychologically.

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