A circus elephant tastes freedom for the first time in her entire 50-years


This story is about two circus elephants named Sita and Mia, who have spent 50 years in captivity, living their entire lives in chains. I can only imagine how horrible their lives used to be! But thanks to Wildlife SOS, the two elephants’ lives have changed. They have been rescued and for the first time they are experiencing the taste of freedom at an elephant sanctuary in India.


As a result of spending years being confined to chains, their feet were in poor shape “Both Mia and Sita have very painful feet. For Sita, her situation is exacerbated by the fact that she has a poorly healed fracture in her front leg that has limited her movement… thus preventing her the ability to lie down and rest,” writes Wildlife S.O.S on Facebook. We know it has been at least a year since she has lay down and slept.”
Thus, Sita and Mia will be contributed to expert vets and get the needed therapy for their feet and “This will include “warm foot soaks, swimming, exercise on natural soft surfaces, medicine, a specialized diet and lots of rest”.


Soon the two elephants will embark on a long but worthy journey by truck to their new home. Wildlife SOS staff was concerned about how well Sita was going to accept the long journey, but she surprised them. Along the way, Sita showed her excitement by waving her trunk happily and excitedly to people passing by the truck. After the 1.200-miles journey, the two elephants finally arrived at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura.

For the first time Sita entered a water pool, “Although she is now over 50, we believe this was her first time ever getting to swim,” the organization spokesperson says “This picture shows one of our happiest moments. Shortly after arriving at the rescue center, Mia lay down and went into a deep sleep,” Wildlife S.O.S. writes.

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